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TOPIC: Baby Snatchers (AAIA) Join us today.

Baby Snatchers (AAIA) Join us today. 6 years 7 months ago #1117

  • Denisb
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Surrey Children social services, declared (A.K.A). Baby snatcher, Social services are willing to take your children away for no good reason but they will ignore real issues and fabricate evidence to strengthen their case and justified their existence.

After the death of Baby P the Government gave social services more power which is why they are able to snatch your children away from you. This was the wrong move by the government and it rewarded social services for their failures which could have been deliberate, based on my own experience and observation of social services.

There is conflict of interest and potentially undetectable fraud going on within the Social Services. Someone is most probably getting rich by wrongfully taking children from their parent and ruined families and placing them with friends in businesses in which they have an interest. Unethical Social Worker that I have encountered are:

James Tigg,

Russell Walters

Rachel Dunn.

Victim Support officer of Surrey Police Jo Hardman ignored evidence prejudice and discrimination against father. Arranged multi disciplinary meeting to relocate children which father had to fight against in court.

Are your children venerable from this corrupt system? I successfully defended my children from these horrible people and willing to share my experience with you. Be careful of legal aid lawyer they don't have your children's best interest at heart as was the case with Christine Boot of Grants Solicitors LLP and Jennifer Munday of Venters Solicitor. Venters' appointed council withheld information from the court to secure the suspension of a share residence order. Both these Solicitors and the council subjected my children to abuse.

My name is DNIS BERARIE, Joint me today in Action Against Institutional Abuse (AAIA) Together we can make significant changes don’t wait until it happen to you.

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Baby Snatchers (AAIA) Join us today. 6 years 5 months ago #1136

  • Denisb
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It is sad that another poor child has to die. We live in a country that treated dogs better than they treat men. The societal imbalance and partial approach in solving family problems is and will continue to be a pebble in our nation’s bladder. How many people in this country will tolerate seeing a dog eating out of the bin? If we see this happening it is obvious to us that the dog has been abandon.

When we observe this behaviour in a defenceless child, the cry for help should be obvious as the child desperately urge to survive. For whatever reasons ignorance, immoral, out-ethic or sheer selfishness, the child is deduced to a behaviour problem.

Sadly through my own personal experience I found both the police and Social Service inept when dealing with protecting children from abuse and together with the court and the family law they create a perfect shield to entertain such abuses. We will see more and more children being abused by their mother and both Social Services and the Police will continue to water-down the problems when it is committed by mothers.

Children are put under great pressure by social service and teachers as they alert the perpetrator of the noticeable sign of abused. So the perpetrator, get better and cleverer in the way she conduct her abuse. The child become scares and succumbs to his or her abuser and his urge to survive is lost.

This is the point when it should be abundantly obvious to the trained observer, but sadly any idiot can become a Social Worker today and as long as they have the commend of good written English and have to ability to make a report sound impressive irrespective of the integrity or validity of its content.

Emotional abuse is the most widespread abuse that children endured in this country and it is disregarded by Social Services unless it was in the best interest of Social Service. Both Social Services and the Police have created the perfect environment to encourage such abuses and they quite literally condone them. As the child losses interest, his drive and urge to survive all the sign stopped.

Survival in the context used here means survival in the wider context of live not merely physical.
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