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Fear 6 years 10 months ago #1082

  • Denisb
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D: What is there to talk, about fear?

G: Fear is also an emoting but unlike love fear is restrictive. It is slow or low frequency energy in motion of the body as oppose to an energy motion of the soul. Fear is a guard against perceived danger to the body or things; therefore it keeps you in check. Fear is what allowed you to be controlled. Fear is the body defence against the illusion of death. It is on this premise of fear that manipulated and control is made possible. By creating the illusion of an end to life or as it is more commonly known death. However, the degree of fear varies between people depending on their perception, resulting from the teaching they received from their childhood. For example snake is one of the most feared creatures. The reason for this is because it is associated with the devil according to the teaching of religion. But on the surface of it, no one really understands why they seem to have an irrational fear for snake or something they never come across. But all they do is act in fear. Kill it before it kills us attitude. The same fear has been in existence between different races or countries for hundreds of years.

Fear is necessary for personal safety however it was realised that by instilling fear on humanity greater control could be asserted, hence dominate humanity. Story with the “snake tempted Adam and Eve” was created. The reason it was a snake and no any other animal is because at the time if you were bitten by a venomous snake, you would most certainly “die”, because there were no anti venom known to men. So the snake where referred to as the devil because it administered death. So the devil was invented. It was invented simply by spelling lived backward. From then on human has always been afraid of snakes.

After the apple was consumed heaven and hell was invented sadly for Adam the apple must have loge itself in his throat because man now have Adam’s apple. He never did swallow the apple did he? In fact the apple was a proverb for having sexual intercourse with Eve. A proverb was used otherwise this would really contradicts God’s command if there ever was one, which was to go forth and multiply. There wasn’t any snake either the snake they referred to, was Adam’s erected penis. How were they supposed to go forth and multiply without getting snaked? Let me rephrase this, how was Eve supposed to go forth and multiply without getting snaked? Suddenly being naked became a problem, presumable eve was a virgin until then, therefore it was not unreasonable to presumed she would rather want to wear clothes, if her first experience gave her some discomfort. Sexuality was also view as a negative experience which has also reverberated throughout the history of religion. It remained a taboo to this day in many religions.

So you see religion got it wrong right from the beginning but it did not matter because no one could read or write anyway they just believed what they were told. Education was a privilege. Adam and Eve went on to have two children who was two boys but for some reason a woman suddenly appears on the scene to marry one of the sons. Who produced her, given that Adam and Eve where the only created? Even though it did not make sense to the people at the time, they were told to believe for the simple reason that it was written. Written words at that time were nothing short of a miracle. Looking at the writing although no understanding what the writing says one would have agreed that yes, there was writing there, therefore it could or it was true. The first illusion was invented, the creation of a separate God itself. It was not difficult to spread the words and to create enough curiosity. Soon the inventor realised the potential of his doing and thought he was on a winner. Now he can write something that can be remembered and rein acted. The exercise of power control and restrain began. As time went by he had people spreading the words. You don’t need to be able to read to tell a story verbatim. You just had to have a book and pretend you were reading was enough to impress the crowd. To really appreciate how amazing this could have been in that time, one has to imaging someone suddenly attained a natural ability to fly like a bird. No one else could do it except this one person. Imagine that!

D: I remember telling my dad a story from a book verbatim whilst pretending I was reading it. He was impressed with my reading ability until he turned the book to the middle page and asked me to read from that page. What a predicament. Still I knew the story, at least according to what I was told. He wasn’t easy to fool; on reflection it might not even have been the right book. However my friend where very impressed with my reading. I couldn’t read a word of English but I told a good story just by holding that book.

G: Anyway the teaching became interesting and the crowd got bigger and bigger. Some people although not able to read were not completely naive therefore they started to question the theories or the teaching, therefore faith had to be invented when the inventor became stuck for answers. Along with faith, a god of requirement and condition was invented and then when people failed to comply they were punished therefore the god of judgement and punishment were invented. All designed to instil fear in humanity, therefore the cycle of control was complete and the rest was literally history. To control they needed to create fear, and fear create dependency. Once dependant, humanity freedoms were lost for good.

In the absence of love fear persists and it was fear which enables the formation of the first religion. Fear of not having enough, cause someone to accumulate resources. The person then realise that he is creating a lot of attention to himself and he enjoyed the attention, which lead him to the notion of being powerful and important. The illusion of the need to control was created but the control eventually escalated to the control of human itself. The creation of religion or politics (tribes) as it was known right in the beginning began. The head of the tribes would have mastered his way of life which would have been passed down to the younger generation to preserve their way of life. Sadly these traditions were kept within the family as opposed to the best candidate to lead.

This happened for two reasons, the first reason was misunderstanding of love, Love was understood to favoured a selected few, such as the close member of the family therefore family had the first choice to reign over the tribe irrespective whether they had the right knowledge or not. This sub sequentially gave rise to disagreement division and formation of other tribes. Knowledge from previous tribe was adapted and creation of new rituals took place.

Secondly it was fear for the loved one losing control, hence becomes dependent. Except love were not properly interpreted. The control was closely guarded and continued throughout history and it is still the same today in most cases. Love has been narrowed to mean the selected few but not in the wider context of God.

The implication of the separation necessitate the creation of territory and because of that, intrusion of territory inadvertently took place as resources diminished from one territory. This resulted in war. Territory changes hands has battles goes on back and forth until someone decided that something else were needed to keep control as it was no longer practical to control simply by deprivation of resources although this never cease. Therefore rules were introduced, this saw the affirmation of what we now know as religions, politics and laws. This was an attempt to fix the first flawed of the misunderstood love. Instead of fixing the flawed it altered the perception of life because from this day life where no longer free. God as we know it today was invented to mean the overall ruler. Like with the tribes from the beginning the same thing happened but as the communication changes with times as territories changes hands the overall ruler was first misinterpreted as God. This is where and how all the condition of God came to be. The rules of the overall ruler were mistaken as the rules of God. It was therefore adopted and adapted to what we now know as religion.

When nothing belongs to anyone in particular in the first place or everything belongs to everyone in the first place. Not just for a particular group but for all humanity. Look where humanity are today because of misunderstanding love and creation of territory. Still god remain god, it has not changed, it is our perception of god which has changed and all because of lack of love and the inability or unwillingness to adhere to the practical application of true love.
Today we stand aimlessly watching thousands die of starvations, in wars, rituals mutilations or murders and we do nothing if not encourage it to go on. The only reason this happen is because the love connection has been distorted to virtually non existence and the little love that we know is mar with dishonesty and condition because that is all we know. We see them and us. We can change all this overnight simply by reconnecting to God, simply by seeing god in everyone. Simply be realising we are all a part of God. Instead what do we do? We continue to subject our children to religion before they have a chance to develop their own understanding of life. In so doing taking the very freedom we now profess to fight for. Who is responsible if humanity is not free? But are we really not free? Who is going to stop you saying no to killing? Only you! Because you are living in fear, in fear of the illusion of death, the end of life. Although religion has invented heaven deep down you know it does not exist, which is why the illusion of death appears real. But because of a lack of understanding of life; Wars, crimes, atrocities and abuses happened and humanity know no better but to advocates it. Consider the Second World War, what if Adolf Hitler’s orders were ignored by everyone. He would probably kill a few people himself, what if people still refused to carry his order to kill? He would have been a captain without a ship. This is how humanity could really change the world today. We can say no to war.

D: What about the soldiers who are employed to defend the country, wouldn’t that mean they will have to be made redundant? What about all the guns ammunitions the nuclear bombs and threat to other nations and their citizens?

G: If humanity where to change their views of God there would be no need to defend the country, there would be no needs for soldiers, there would be no need for wars, there would be no need for nuclear bombs, and there would be no starvations.

D: where does starvation fit in to this?

G: The current train of thoughts is you and they, friends and enemies, with a different view of god there would be only us. You will recognised your mistakes and rectify it. You will clear the land of mines so the starving is able to cultivate their land. You will stop polluting your air and water which is doing nothing but causing more suffering in humanity such as reducing cancers. Instead of seeking solution for problems you will simply stop creating the problem in the first place.

D: What do you mean?

G: Because of the chemicals, humanity have contaminated the world, the air you breathe and the water you drink among other things you subject your body to, all add up to distort your body. Then some of you do research to find a way to right the wrong done in the first place. Because of a systemic fear of inadequacy there are those willing to risk lives in order to maximise their ability to accumulate. The solution to a problem is never the solution but the problem itself. Stop creating the problem then you would have found a solution, any other way the solution would only be temporarily. Just as humanity always have been trying to do.

D: What would the world be like if we were to realise that we are all god.

G: You mean you don’t know you are?

D: Well just now when you ask I thought that being a part of god is almost inconceivable, I must admit the separate, superiority, conditional, sadistic and punitive god invented be religion really stick, even to me. I am afraid I could be insulting god if I was wrong and feel this is the case with most people as they will b offending god.

G: To see you as an integral part of god is an honour to god. You form a union with god, you respect god. Any other way, lacked the respect for yourself, even deny who you truly are and you deny god. I am you and you are me. Accept me, honour me, respect me, be the part of me that you are and make me wholly once again. Remember me when religions have you say holly, holly, holly god! Remember that I am not wholly when you are away from me. Be the part of me that you are, help put me together again. Reconnect with me invite others to do so too. You are afraid, don’t, I am fearless I am everything that is love, I am everything that is true, you are my truth, you are me. Honour me be god in me. First you were thrown into religion without any evident that God exits then you throw your children into it. You believe in that god. Yet you have suffers war crimes atrocities child mutilation and many other inappropriate acts. I ask you that you become me again so we can experience a better life together. You are afraid! What is it you afraid of? Is it because there might be peace on earth? I am not asking you to kill, I am not asking you to steal, I am simply asking you to make me whole again by coming back in God. Help God. Help end lost parts (H.E.L.P) follow the light and the truth and you shall never be afraid again just as Jesus advised you to.

D: It is rather difficult to contemplate the all one suggestion when we can’t feel the connection?

G: But if you pay attention you do feel the connection. There is always love in your heart it is you who fail to see the connection because you have been taught that you only have five senses and anything else are subliminally discarded. It is all an elaborate scam perfected over time just so a few can manipulate humanity and control the resources. Sadly these people never have to be at the front line instead they send your sons and daughters. Every world leaders are told that god does not exist as purported by religion, by then it does not matter because they have already created their own god. Just like a smoker have difficulty kicking the habit as the craving creep up on him; an embedded religious ideology will always creep up on you. When god is fully understood and humanity moved away from the idea of a separate God then humanity will start to make progress toward creating a more humane existent.

D: But this will mean changing everything we know god to be isn’t it?

G: Yes

D: But how would this be helpful?

G: Because of your current interpretation of God is not accurate. Therefore to have the right interpretation it would be extremely helpful. Human always get things wrong but they carry on regardless, now and then someone will come up with a statistic and suddenly what was cool to do, is then regarded as harmful such as smoking. So you campaign to bring it to an end. However many of you have known for ages that god as purported by religion does not add up, but yet no one really challenge it to the extent that it is being challenged around the world today, that is because of the draconian approach imposed by religion when challenged. Instead you create new religion in an attempt to fix the flaw only to find yourself in similar juxtaposition with the religion you attempted to move away from. That is how religions were created the only thing that they managed to get right is that there is only one god. God is genderless and nameless but many religions have gone as far as naming their god to personify it in order to amplify the illusion of a separate god.

D Was Jesus the son of god?

G: Yes and so are you and everyone else. Jesus really understood his connection with god. He said “me and the father are one” His entire life was to bring the truth to the world so you could be saved from religion, but instead his messaged was manipulated and distorted to the point that the essence of his message was lost.

D: What was the essence of Jesus message?

G: Not to be afraid to live your life as he did. You are a light and the truth. Through his teaching you will find your way back to god. But the most important of all is to know that you and god are one.

D: Why is it “most important of all to know that you and god are one”?

G: Would you starve god? Would you abuse god? Would you circumcise god? Would you lie to god when you know that god knows the truth? I am sure you would say no to that. I will tell you that humanity has always done it and much more and worse. When you lie to someone you lie to god, when you circumcise someone you circumcise god. When you starve someone you starve god. Off course you don’t see it that way because your understanding of god is different. But when you realise that every being is a cell in the body of god then you will realise that you are fooling yourself and yourself alone to ignore the suffering of others by maintaining the idea of separation instilled by religion. I am the totality of all there is, you included, remember that I am god.
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