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TOPIC: Action Against Institutional Abuse (AAIA)

Action Against Institutional Abuse (AAIA) 6 years 3 months ago #1118

  • Denisb
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Surrey Children Social Services, declared (A.K.A). Baby Snatcher, Social Services are willing to take your children away from you for no good reason. However they will ignore real issues, lie and fabricate evidence to strengthen their cases.

After the death of Baby P the government gave Social Services more power which is why they are able to snatch your children away from you. This was the wrong move by the government, rewarding Social Services for their failures which could have been deliberate, based on my own experience and observation of Social Services.

There are conflict of interest and potentially undetectable fraud going on within the Social Services, someone is most probably getting rich by wrongfully taking children from their parents and ruined families. Unethical Social Worker that I have personally encountered:

James Tigg:
He was more concern with the amount of property I have and how I got it, He also disregarded my human rights and the court order.

Russell Walters:

Breached of confidentiality and promise to provide information pertaining to that breach but didn’t and he neglected and ignore parent concerns especially fathers hence subjected children to abuse.

Rachel Dunn.

Wrongfully took children away from their father and Subject children to Abuse and unnecessary ABE police interview.

They usually work in the background.

Are your children venerable from this corrupt system I successfully defended my children from these horrible people and willing to share my experience with you.

Don’t agree with patient abuse go public otherwise you could be victimised if the numbers are against you like I was.
Manager lied about service and funding to get rid of patient she dislike and impartial nurses have to put up with it or else.
First Community Health and Care (FCHC) ENS/INS Manager call staff liar and got offended when staff told her to shove her Job up her arse.

First community Health and Care' (FCHC) Health Visitor destroyed family life by falsely reporting to Social Services, again made up that father lied. Management team believe that their staff should be branded a liar and dismissed father for standing his ground. Male nurse discrimination against unless gay.

Support our Action against Institutional Abuse. Help us bring an end to institutional abuse. Donate online today! Help us reduce the impact of institutional abuse on children and elderly people in need of help. Lives are ruined for no good reason because of bias policies and cover up.

Joint me today Action Against Institutional Abuse (AAIA) Together we can make significant changes don’t wait until it happen to you.

To make a donation click here

Judge told the Social Services (Baby Snatchers) they don't have enough evidence to deprive the child of her Mother. The matter is set for the following week were Social Service have to provide more evidence.

Follower up:

After taking the child away from their mum and unable to provide evidence Judge ordered Social Services to return the child to her mum. "The child should not have been taken away from her mum; Social Services should have supported her instead" according to the Judge. If you don’t want to lose your children then Social Services has to be exposed for what they are. Children are now due to be returned on the 12 of July 2013. Judge to review the case again in three months time. Mother 1 Baby Snatcher nil point.

Moving on!

EXPOSED: There will be no hiding place for those who deleted evidence about unit where 16 babies died, says Hunt
• Cynthia Bower, former chief executive of the Care Quality Commission, and her deputy Jill Finney were 'round the table' when the decision was taken to delete evidence of a botched CQC inspection
• Names of those responsible for the cover-up at the health regulator were redacted from a damning report published
• Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt condemned the secrecy and demanded the names be published
•  The Prime Minister condemned the cover-up as 'disturbing and appalling'

The new chairman of the CQC, David Prior, had insisted he could not reveal the identities of those responsible because of the Data Protection Act.
But he was forced into a humiliating climbdown after the Information Commissioner’s Office, which is in charge of data protection, rubbished his position.
It said there was no reason why the law should mean people cannot be ‘held to account’. The two names emerged as:
• Police were urged to investigate the cover-up, with MPs saying that the Daily Mail had exposed ‘prima facie evidence that an offence has been committed’;
• The Prime Minister condemned the cover-up as ‘disturbing and appalling’;
• Families of the victims called the decision not to name those involved ‘disgusting’ and ‘a misuse of the data protection act’;
• The CQC’s new chairman described the former management as rotten and the CQC as still not ‘fit for purpose’, admitting it had even used former members of the fire service and police as inspectors rather than former medics;
• A whistleblower who first raised concerns about the CQC spoke of her ‘appalling treatment’, warning the cover up ‘is wider and it is ongoing’.

Read more:
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Yet another Social Services failure.

Mother Rebecca Shuttleworth Guilty Of Murdering Two-Year-Old Son Keanu Williams

Read more:

It is not unreasonable to say that both Social Service and the Police colluded and conspires against fathers. The chances to intervene wasn't missed it was probably ignored. Because of blatant discrimination and prejudice against Fathers.

Some father are not able to fight such powerful one sided onslaught and those who are able, most certainly ended up facing financial ruins as the DWP, HMRC does not recognise them as legitimate parents even when there is a court order in place specifically in a 50/ 50 share residence order.

I hate to think how many time the poor man was arrested and or prevented from seeing his child when court orders are dish out like hot cake on an ex-parte basis. Then they used words they themselves have no idea what it mean such as in the child best interest.

Tom Rahilly, of the NSPCC, said: Today's guilty verdict means we are one step closer to gaining justice for Keanu.

What kind of Justice is this? The real abuser is the one who most probably took his protector away? That would be Social Services and the Police. Where was the father what happened to him?

Social worker involved should be charged with manslaughter. Then they will do their jobs properly. Not give them more power to damage good family and ignore real problems.
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Action Against Institutional Abuse (AAIA) 6 years 3 months ago #1121

  • Denisb
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The main reason why abuses will always continue in our public services is because of these clauses, confidentiality clause within the Principle Statement of Terms and Conditions of Service which states:

You shall not during your employment with BLANK or at any time after its termination for any reason whatsoever, inappropriately disclose to any person or persons whatsoever, or otherwise make use of, any confidential information to which you may in the course of your employment have access relating to the affairs of BLANK. This requirement covers all confidential information relating to patients, patients’ relatives, employees and all other confidential matters relating to the affairs of BLANK.

You are advised not to discuss any matters relating to BLANK with press or other media representatives without express authorisation from the Communications Manager.

Each employee has a duty not to divulge to any other person, firm or agency, either directly or indirectly, any information concerning BLANK or its clients or purchasers which could possibly adversely affect their interests except in respect of the normal exercise of their work. This duty applies after the cessation of employment as well as during it.

Good Nurses are powerless often victimised and pushed out.
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Action Against Institutional Abuse (AAIA) 6 years 3 months ago #1122

  • Denisb
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Cut the head of the beast

Public empowerment is the only way to eliminate fraud and abuses and bad practices in our public services. Over time public services have created an intricate arrays of polices behind which they hide so they are able to get away with abusing the system. To name a few: Data Protection, Confidentiality, Whistle blowing, procurement and so on, these are essential tools behind which fraudsters and anti-social personality hides behind or uses to eliminate personal threat so they can go on abusing the system.

Working under such suppression good staff become trouble (see PTS in anti-social personality in suggestion box,) eventually this is reflected in their work and it contributes to high level of sickness and staff turnover. Staffs are not able to talk about their ordeal as they would be in breach of something one way or the other, therefore they bottle up instead. This is believe it or not killing our nation. Transparency is the key for a better service. CQC, NHS and Social Services are interchangeable they will always be economical with the truth and vigorously suppress any organisation who possess a threat to their culture. Just like DNB Health and Social Care has been suppressed. Report disappears in the NHS as well. It really give the profession a bad name.

Public empowerment to name and shame services is the only way to improve our public services and make them accountable for their actions. Do something good for your country, do something good for yourself. We can move forward as one and make the right changes.

If it happened to you, you can tell, tell it here.

Support us Support yourself. Make a donation now
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