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TOPIC: Our world today

Our world today 7 years 1 month ago #1138

  • Denisb
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If god doesn’t exist as portrayed by religion can you imagine the length religion went to fool humanity? Isn’t it amazing how the Bible has taken hold of humanity and with people willing to lay down their lives, convinced that they contained the words of God? In the same breath despite the love that god has for us and being the almighty, it chooses to communicate to us via a book which is open to interpretation, contradictory and confusing for the best academia let alone the majority of the human race.

It is certainly a misrepresentation of the love of god if god as an entity exists outside of us at all. It is thought that religion existed long before record began. Both Religion and Politics are a derivative of culture. Culture support religion and religion supported politic by controlling humanity without the need to use force. However religion has gone through vary stages and often they had no other way to control except through the use of force as history has taught us.

In the beginning there was culture and ritual and man adored trees, stones, sun, moon and many other object and animals. People had varied objects of importance; their belief system was as varied as there were cultures and hundreds of thousands years ago and in the earlier realization of a civilization it was realized that unless the majority of man was in favors of such ideas it would have been impossible to implement it. Man learnt two things; the notion of the majority rules and majority depended on a man having the same belief.

It became obvious therefore that the belief system was the first step to the formation of such a civilization. So politic was created from the same cultural system that existed at the time. So Religion and Politics are interchangeable originate from culture have the same goal but focuses on slightly different aspect of the society as it was in the beginning to meet that goal. Religion and Politics was two half of the same instrument of civilization.

For thousands of years before the Bible was written. Politic was entrusted with supporting the society in terms of food production, building and other things. Whereas Religion was predominantly responsible for the creation of law and the creation of moral and ethical code by which the new civilization was guided.

The importance of such power was realized and greed took over. A strange treaty was sworn in secrecy and an organization that will remain hidden but yet have the ultimate control over the world was established. This significant changed the natural direction of humanity and it went on for thousands of years unnoticed. Religion was endorsed with the task to misdirect humanity and with time and after significant changed had taken place humanity was literally lost. Culture was refined by religion new laws were introduced and ritual became illegal as, the Ten Commandments became law. Now everyone was pointed to one specific god and with time the “sun” of God became the son of god.

As it can be observed even today many ritual or behaviour which was considered right by some culture has become wrong and or illegal in the eyes of the society. Slowly be surely people had no choice but to conform to the new rules lay down by the religion. Unlike today when you would most certainly be jailed for breaking the law, back then you where crucified for being a rebellion and the same treatment for martyrs who presented an alternative ideology. The concept of democracy was none existent but not unaware. It took yet thousands of years before the lucratively of such organization was realized and after several generation had passed it finally became possible for other ideology to be instated and new religion was created for the same purpose and it was practically based on the same concept and pretty much the same story. It became apparent that religion was not just controlling humanity in aid of politic but posses a great danger for the political system as they possessed the same ability as politic in terms of raising wealth and had the supporters to take complete control.

So at some point politics and religion had a major fall out but this did not happen until the politician took over the creation of law and order and religion was left to deal specifically with the morality and spirituality of man. This is how religion became a component of war. Politics and religion was divided. It remained divided to this day.

Politician at the time came together, exclusion of religion and new treaty of secrecy was formed and a society which will remain hidden from humanity was crated. This is now known as the illuminati. Politic changes it emphasis on society as religion was no longer working in their favour so their own control was exerted, by then many ways in which to control humanity was well established. Not merely through the spiritual separation but in many other ways such as classical conditioning, and subliminal suggestion. These controls has evolved and get better with time to the simplest form we see today in our shops such as buy one get one free or go large for 50 pence extract.

Religion stuck to their story and the Bible where subsequently written and the humanity was hooked for good.

Religion and the Illuminati remained the two most powerful ruler of the world today. While we are all busy praying to figurative god and making donation to churches we continue to affirm their superiority over the human race as we continue to believe in the god they sole our ancestors. The illuminati emphasis has been and remained in control of the major resources of the world. So religion controls the mind and politic control the body. Thankfully they spirit remain free because this is the essence of who we truly are this is the true god that trough deception and manipulation we have been made to believe that we are not.

God is almighty and in time humanity will wake up and true god will once again be realized. This is happening as we speak.

Thank you.
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