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  • To support the human rights of the Service User.


  • All workers.


  • The Service User’s rights to confidentiality must be safeguarded. The care service employee will not disclose any personal information about Service Users to a third party unless this has been agreed with the Service User concerned. Agreement to disclose information should only be sought if this is for the benefit of the Service User, e.g. for the purpose of assisting in his or her care.


  • Disclosure
  • Confidentiality with respect to a Service User may only be breached if:
  1. The Service User has broken the Law;
  2. Information, if withheld, could put others at risk;
  3. Information suggests the Service User is in danger – from themselves or others.
  • Gaining consent
  1. If you feel that the information should be shared ask the Service User’s permission to do so.
  2. When gaining consent be specific regarding the information/action to be shared and to whom.
  3. Explain clearly the reasons why and accurately record.
  4. If there are any concerns in these areas you should seek advice from your supervisor.